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Philips Nuclear User Group 2005 meeting




The 2004 user group took place at Stafford Hospital on 17 May 2005

Many thanks to Helen Bailey and her colleagues for hosting it. 

Mike Avison


There is an archive of the presentations below


Image Archiving, Retrieval, Viewing & PACS – A Personal View!


Andy Kettle

East Kent Hospitals NHS Trust

A Novel Solution to Large Volume Data Storage

Nicholas Tulley

City Hospital, Birmingham

PACS in Nuclear Medicine

Cromwell Hospital

Effect of Software Version on Tomography Counts


WH Thomson

City Hospital Birmingham

Filter Issues 


WH Thomson

City Hospital Birmingham

Brain Tracking on the Skylight

Anil Vera

Kingston NHS Trust

Gated Myocardial SPECT Technical overview and our experiences

J O’Brien & WH Thomson

City Hospital, Dudley Road, Birmingham

Sentinel Node: Practical Experience at Frimley Park Hospital

RJ Morton, A Fullbrook, L Wright, JRW Hall, J Ward

Frimley Park Hospital

Sentinel Nodes


Royal Free Hospital

Effect of skull thickness on quantitative brain imaging


Dr Nigel Williams

Walsgrave Hospital, Coventry