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Philips Nuclear User Group 2004 meeting




The 2004 user group took place at the Ramada Jarvis Hotel - Bingley - Bradford on 4 and 5 March 2004

I think the user group this year was particularly successful, and credit for that must go to all of you, the presenters, the audience, Philips and a special thanks to Dr Andrew Kelion for his fascinating keynote address.

I really enjoy the informality of the UGM compared with scientific meetings. The UGM belongs to you all and depends completely on you. Right now I think you're doing pretty well.

Helen Bailey at Stafford has kindly stepped forward to host the meeting next year (2005), I hope you will give her even more support than you did me.


Mike Avison


There is an archive of the presentations below

First Day




Odyssey Software Workshop

Pegasys Users Workshop







Skylight Discussion Forum







Centre of Rotation Macro 152kB


View the Macro

Bill Thomson and Joe O'Brien

(City Hospital Birmingham)

Centre of rotation on the Skylight and update on last year's talk 48kB

Mike Avison

(Bradford Royal Infirmary)

A Macro for Gastric Emptying 5kB

View macro

Mike Avison

(Bradford Royal Infirmary)

Mounting different drives on one partition 76kB

Detailed instructions in word doc

Nick Tulley

(City Hospital Birmingham)

Modified myocardial processing macro


View the macros (and sample output)

Images up to 430kB

Mike Avison

(Bradford Royal Infirmary)

Proposal for Odyssey hints tips and examples

Mike Avison



Second Day




General Presentations



Invited Speaker: Dr Andrew Kelion from Harefields Hospital

On the reason that exercise is the cardiac stressing agent of choice

(presentation not available on line)

Dr Andrew Kelion

(Harefields Hospital London)



Phantom for MUGA analysis


(Fascinatingly simple with excellent examples of tests on software)

Dr Bill Thompson

(City Hospital Birmingham)



Cardiac phantom for gated SPECT validation 1.6MB

A dynamic model of the left ventricle - design and testing

Nigel Williams and Elinor Vinecombe

(Walsgrave Hospital)



Dual Energy bone infection imaging 1.6MB

99m-Tc-HMDP and 111-Indium labelled leukocytes

Jane Barrow (Hemel Hempsted Hospital) and

Liz Summers (Mount Vernon Hospital)



DICOM standardisation of viewing monitors 411kB

We don't always test the last stage of the imaging chain

Mark Barnfield

(St James Leeds)



Do it yourself dicom server 2.1MB

Download configure and get DICOMing

Joe O'Brien

(City Hospital Birmingham)



Gastric emptying - don't miss the post 78kB

Just how much does the ant-post geometric mean effect the T50

Mike Avison

(Bradford Royal Infirmary)



The IRMER inspection experience 81kB

How to keep SEJ happy

Jane Barrow and Marj Girling

(Hemel Hempsted hospital)



The impact of Skylight on a small dept 189kB

And more especially how to get one!

Anil Vara

(Queen Mary's Hospital London)



Quantification of ventilation activities in VQ scanning 90kB

How much Technigas goes in and stays in?

Michelle Lax

(Lincoln Hospital)






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