Suggestion for a web resource of programming ideas. (Mike Avison)

At the meeting I suggested we have a web resource of users ideas and notes about programming Philips nuclear medicine computers.

There was some discussion as to whether we should post programs ready to roll or examples of program code. So in a spirit of complete compromise I have decided we'd field both.

Of course none of the programs come with any warranty or indemnity. Users who download them and use them do so at their own risk, they must test each program to their satisfaction before use.

I decided to also have a section on what the manual doesn’t tell you, i.e. it fills in all the parts missed out by the manuals, which is not to say they are bad. I think they are very good but computer manuals are never perfect.

Accordingly I have created the first few items, so visit the front page: HERE

What? Back already, sure there is not yet much but I hope its presence will get people motivated to send us stuff.

For the time being the email address to send to is:

(sorry about the script its my subterfuge for avoiding it being read by a spammer's character recognition software)